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NVU-Lyndon Student-Athlete Success Checklist

In order to reach your goals in sport and in the classroom, and also manage your stress levels and stay healthy, you must take care of yourself and make smart choices. Can you check off every item every day?

  • Drink plenty of waterall day & throughout practice.
  • Eat three healthy meals a day plus snacks before practice!
    • Plenty of Water, Protein, Carbs, Vitamins & Minerals.
    • Fat is ok.
    • Limit sugar and caffeine.
    • No alcohol or drugs.


  • Go to class every day and on time. Pay attention, participate, and turn off your phone! 
  • Be proactive about assignments.
  • Do homework during the day between classes.
  • Attend study hall and utilize the tutor center.
  • Sleep! Go to bed early and sleep 7-9 hours each night.
  • Don’t nap within 2 hours of practice.


  • Develop and use a daily pre-practice routine, especially in the moments right before practice.
  • Engage in practice physically and mentally.
  • Practice as designed and be open to coaching!
  • Be coachable; learn and work at getting better. Know what you don’t know.
  • Push your teammates to work hard, and allow yourself to be pushed by them!
  • Lead yourself so no one else has to.
  • Hold your teammates accountable when you need to. Accept when others hold YOU accountable.
  • Control yourself and don’t be distracted by what you cannot control.
    • You Control:
      1. Your attitude
      2. Your work ethic
      3. How you treat other people
      4. How you treat yourself


  • Stretch when you feel tight or sore.
  • Ice/Ice Bath after practice.
  • Rehab injuries and prevent new ones; utilize ATC hours before practice during your free time.
  • Keep working on your game in the off-season.


  • FLIP THE SWITCH! Instantly change negatives into productive ways of thinking. THIS is the key to championship teams.