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President's Cup Challenge

2019-20 Scoreboard



Northern Vermont University established the President's Cup Challenge in 2018 to coincide with the unification of its Lyndon and Johnson campuses.  The Challenge formalizes the rivalry between the campuses and their athletic programs.  The Lyndon Hornets and the Johnson Badgers will compete over each academic year, with the annual winner of the series being awarded the President's Cup. The winning campus will retain possession of the cup throughout the following year.  In case of a tie, the campus in possession of the Cup will retain for another year.

Lyndon and Johnson compete head to head in 12 sports – men's and women's basketball, men's and women's cross country, men's and women's soccer, women's softball, men's and women's tennis, men's and women's track & field, and women's volleyball.  In basketball, soccer, softball, and tennis, the campus who wins the season series will earn a point towards the Cup.  North Atlantic Conference contests, non-conference contests, and post-season matchups will all count towards the series outcome.  If the two campuses should split their season series, then each campus will earn a half point.  In cross country and track & field, the campus that finishes higher in the NAC championship meet will earn a point.

In addition, sports that are only offered on one campus will have an opportunity to earn one point for each men's sports and one point for each women's sports by comparing their season performances.  Lyndon women's lacrosse will matchup against Johnson women's triathlon.  Lyndon men's baseball and men's lacrosse will matchup against Johnson men's golf and men's volleyball.  Whichever team has the higher percentage finish in their conference standings (lacrosse, baseball, golf, volleyball) or NCAA meet (triathlon) will earn a point for their campus.

The Cup will be publicly presented to the winner at the conclusion of the academic and athletic year.  In case of a tie, the winner of the Cup the previous year will retain possession.

Past Results

2018-2019 Lyndon 7.5, Johnson 7.5


Here are the sport by sport results for 2019-2020:

Sport Date/Result
Women's Tennis

9/3/19 @ Lyndon - Lyndon 5, Johnson 4
9/15/19 @ Johnson - Lyndon 5, Johnson 4

1 0
Men's Soccer 

10/1/19 @ Johnson - Johnson 3, Lyndon 0

0 1
Women's Soccer 

10/3/19 @ Johnson - Lyndon 3, Johnson 0

1 0
Women's Volleyball 

8/30/19 @ Johnson - Johnson 3, Lyndon 0
9/7/19 @ Lyndon - Johnson 3, Lyndon 0
10/9/19 @ Johnson

0 1
Men's Cross Country 

11/2/19 @ NAC Championships - Lyndon 193, Johnson 255

1 0
Women's Cross Country 

11/2/19 @ NAC Championships - Lyndon 124, Johnson 144

1 0
Women's Basketball 

1/25/20 @ Lyndon
2/18/20 @ Johnson

Men's Basketball 

1/25/20 @ Lyndon
2/18/20 @ Johnson

Men's Tennis 

3/12/20 @ Johnson
4/15/20 @ Lyndon


4/22/20 @ Johnson
4/22/20 @ Johnson

Men's Track & Field

TBA @ NAC Championships

Women's Track & Field

TBA @ NAC Championships

Baseball-Men's Lacrosse (L) / Men's Golf-Men's Volleyball (J)

Johnson Men's Golf .125

Women's Lacrosse (L) / Women's Triathlon (J)

Johnson Triathlon Incomplete